A Secret Place

A Curious Little Picture Series



Mitchel McGinnigan
"Mik", Fox
Was waiting on a dusty road.


City kid who ditched the harsh concrete sprawl for life on a farm, neither of which his useless degree prepared him for. He is in way over his head but is not soon to give up.
Tries to be nice, polite and grammatically correct. Gets into and stops trouble frequently.
He and his beanie are seldom apart.

Megan Aaliya Chira
"Meg", Megabat
Found hanging out.

Nutty, uncivilized and probably your new best friend.
Should come with a warning label for how huggy she is. Prone to flight and all it's consequences.
Loves everyone and is wise beyond her education, of which little is had.
Struggling to understand the concept of food preparation.

Meryl Stripe
First seen lending a paw.

Soft, sweet, seamstress.
Highly forgiving, but expects good behavior- Almost always gets it.
Sews quilts for everyone, clothes for the town and experiments for Meg.
Single girl seeks nice boy. Somehow always smells like dandelions.

Ashton Ford
"Fordy", Wolf
First seemed very tall.

A gruff old man filled with tobacco smoke and made of iron.
Fully knows he's the baddest, toughest son of a she-wolf in the Valleyway and founded the town.
Not exactly the cuddly type, but probably likes you enough. It's just his eyes, don't worry.
Proud of his mustache, pipe, and very deadly walking stick.

Renaldine McGinnigan
"Aunt Rena", Fox
At first obfuscating herself.

The most prominent figure in Mik's upbringing, armed with a supernatural understanding of the supernatural.
Resourceful in many other ways, she has learned not to take life too seriously.
Slightly patronizing to those she loves, but never enough to be annoying.
Wears victorian-era dresses to be modest, dignified, prim and proper- Immediately throws that out by being playful and slightly silly.